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Prism Chapter 7
All of a sudden, Fabio’s world became very, very lonely.
Due to the success of the Winter Center, Florian was given even more work. When disputes between the needs of the country and the wants of the people could not be settled, they were handed over to him. He now had a new job, and slowly forgot that he already had one to begin with, one that was significantly more important.
Fabio did not feel important. He just felt sad. And of course, he felt upset at the fact that Florian had promised he would spend more time with him. They’d even signed up for fencing classes that they NEVER actually went to! He’d so wanted to learn fencing. It looked like so much fun. And yet Florian wouldn’t give him the time of day, and Metallic Blue had other, more important things to do and other friends…
Fabio figured he should stop dwelling on the fencing. He had more important things to think about, too... Like if Florian was actually eating, or getting his exercise or sleep
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Prism Chapter 6
“I know that face.”
A voice shook Florian out of his thoughts suddenly. He glanced up from the mess of papers and opened letters at Fabio. The prince frowned at him.
“So, what is all of this?” Fabio asked invasively. He picked up one of the letters for himself and read it. Florian tried to snatch it away from his, but the agile young man jumped back before he could, and his stomach hit the desk as a barrier. Fabio read the hastily scrawled letter with a small pout, and then tossed it back.
“Do you not understand personal matters?” Florian scolded the other, only to be rewarded with a giggle.
“They’re hardly personal, Flor! So, if I understand correctly, there is something being built that people don’t want?” Florian refused to answer and just growled at him, so Fabio sighed and left the room. Florian watched him leave and sighed. Finally, he returned his attention to trying to figure out this strange and awful predicament out.
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Prism Chapter 5
When Fabio had decided that he wanted a dog, he already knew how the day would play out.. They would go to the shelter. He would play with the cute little fluffy things, and then the one that loved him the most would be the one he would take home and spoil to no end.
He had not expected that his new pet to spoil would be found on their front porch as they readied to leave, laying in a puddle of its blood. He’d let out a gasp at the sight, turning immediately to Florian for help.
The black haired man wasted no time in going over to the poor thing and looking it over. He gently placed his fingers on the dog. Just like every time that Fabio had injured himself, the contact healed the wounds. He assumed it also replaced the blood, too, because there was a trail down the white wood of the deck… Fabio noted that this was the first time he had not been the one to be healed, and also noted how the small black thing swished its tail after a moment. He went to go pet the puppy, But
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Prism Chapter 4.5- Sticky Frog!
A scream echoed through the house at nine after midday. The sudden sound startled Florian, and he immediately rushed up the stairs.  Fabio stood in the bathroom doorway, staring into the sink in pure horror.
Blending into the green sink was a big, fat frog.
" I thought you liked frogs…" Florian said, staring at it as well and pondering its existence… In their sink, of all places. He was quite confused.
"I do. And I tried to pick it up, but it’s… it’s… Sticky!" The prince exclaimed, appalled. "AND in my sink!" He flailed his hand, sticky stuff stuck to it.  He frowned dramatically and turned the tap on.
"Ribbit," the frog said. It almost looked smug, as it sat under the spray. The water washed away its sticky, and Fabio grabbed it in disgust and placed it on the counter. He then washed his own hands.
"Ribbit," the frog said again.
"Go away," Fabio said, but it stayed. Frustrated, Fabio brought it downstairs and threw it out the door. Flo
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Prism Chapter 4
Some years and some place far away, there is a home. It is significantly smaller than the castle, nestled away in a forest accessible by a dirt road. It is only two levels tall, and white with many windows. There is a porch in the front, and a rather plain door. The first floor consists of a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, a laundry room and an office, in which there is a door nestled in a dark corner. It leads to a bright bedroom with its own bathroom. There are stairs at the end of the single hall, next to doors that lead outside. Upstairs there are four rooms, one of which is a very green bathroom.
It is Black and White’s home. It is a very monochromatic home.
And it was full of unopened boxes. Every single room. On each and every table, in corners, stacked upon each other…
Florian had no clue where any of the contents came from. Fabio knew, but he decided not to share with him. There had been a lot of things that Fabio decided not to share with him.
That was fin
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Prism Chapter 3
A simple question in the silence. It bounced off the dining hall’s walls. It clinked upon every crystal glass.  Florian regretted uttering the three lettered word as soon as he saw the reaction it brought to everyone present. He did not understand what kind of emotion their expressions expressed, but it made him feel ashamed. He tried to sit smaller into his plush seat. To vanish completely.
That is, until he saw Fabio smile at him. He seemed to understand. Though the question surely sounded rude, Florian had not meant it that way. He just didn’t understand.
“We say a prayer before a meal to thank Myriam for indirectly putting this food on the table. I can tell you more about it after supper!” he exclaimed cheerfully.
“We were taught nothing about religion. He just doesn’t know who Myriam is or anything like that,” Florian’s brother explained.
“Oh my! I’m very sorry, Florian. Fabi dearest will tell you
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Fantasy Killer (Kira's) #1- The Gray
The world is very gray when you are hurt. The rain pours, thundering on the pavement of the schoolyard. The wind is cold. The sun is hidden by gray clouds.
Even the air around seems gray. The faces of the people who surround are gray.
They have no expression, they do not matter.
The only color that stands out in the ashen wasteland is red. A splatter of it here and there. A pool of it. A man stained in it. Red blood. Red liquid.
The schoolyard is splattered red.
The man was an English teacher by the name of Krais Rivers. An eccentric. He was very good with the children, and probably the most well-liked teacher in the run-down school. A ray of light, a splash of color.
He had a little sister. No one knew where the two came from. No one bothered to ask.
And in those moments, no one bothered to ask themselves where she would go. Except for her. Excluded from the group of chattering children and teens, a wild haired girl stood, her arms wrapped around her tightly, wishing that t
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Prism Chapter 2 (Redone)
There is no such thing as time when you are trapped in darkness. The ticking of a clock, the days of a calendar, the passing sun circling the earth… They become irrelevant in the inescapable loneliness, they give way to more important worries.
The unbearable pain in his stomach that has been there for as long as he can remember.
The thirst, pointless as it is.
The pain in his bleeding, tiny fingers as he desperately tried to claw his way out of the impossibly dark and terrible room.
There was no time for him, though it had certainly passed by nevertheless. He’d grown, but not very much. He’d learned things, though from where or how, he did not know.  The room was endless and yet very small. What once had been a beautiful nursery for the small child was now a padded, dark room of horror. However he had discovered that the walls once there had merely been covered up, and that behind the padding there were walls, still.
Clawing at the concrete until his fingers ble
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Prism chapter 1 (tentative)
His home is in ruins.
From buildings, tall pillars of thick black smoke emerge. Most buildings do not even stand anymore, piles of stone and wood and things that once belonged to some dead soul drowning in their own blood somewhere. The most tragic of battlefields is always the one upon which slaughtered children and innocents lay.
No one is innocent in a fight for freedom, however.
But right now, no one needs to be.
Because, as people walk over the dead bodies, they realize that their families and friends have not died in vain.
As broken as it is, Labrey is also free. No longer the slaves of cold foreigners. No longer simply the spoils of a war lost. This war was won, and it brought with it the freedom to live like normal people, to go off into the world and explore it, or to simply stay home and live ones life doing whatever job they wanted to. No more forced labor. No more working until you passed out, no whips or guns or darkened skies.
It was all over and done with.
At least, the
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Prism 09- Feeling
Secrets do not stay secret forever. In fact, some do not stay secrets long enough to be attributed such a status, really.  It did not help that it is incredibly difficult to hide someone’s death, especially when it’s already out there.
Fabio decided to paint after his and Florian’s incredibly uneventful supper, and had holed himself up in his studio to do so. The object of his painting would be the forest that he overlooked from his window, as the sun was setting and cast a lovely orange glow above black shadows of trees. It would not last long, so Fabio knew he would have to work fast. He enjoyed the challenge, though and, like an elephant, he never forgot anything, so he wasn’t all that worried about it.
He was so absorbed in his work that he did not notice the mass of dark green hopping about the room until it jumped right in front of his face, onto the canvas. The sticky froggy made a loud ‘ribbit’ to alert Fabio of his presence and the star
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Love's Poem
How does anyone even express it?
Words fail to describe your fairness
My darling, my sweet, nothing's as exquisite
As the grey of your eyes and the red of each tress
They are of storm clouds and blood,
As if a beauty only my gloom can appreciate
Not even close to mine, of snow and mud
You're perfection only perfection can create.
How does anyone show it?
Indescribable love for all of you?
By swallowed chemicals and wrists slit
Knowing your love for me isn't true.
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Prism 08- Masks
Fabio brought Florian breakfast when he woke up. The black haired man was sitting at his desk when he did, and he didn't even bother to acknowledge Fabio as he walked in and set the plate down. His "good morning!" cheer was ignored. Florian didn't even say a word to him. In fact, he didn't even seem to notice. This had been going on for a little while, and Fabio had been trying not to let it bother him too much.
But it hurt. And getting annoyed at himself for feeling hurt about it just made things worse. What in the world had he done to upset Florian? He hadn't been doing anything different…
'It's not that, he's just really busy,' Fabio tried to reason to himself. Still, doubt clouded his mind and he could not keep it from doing so. He found himself doing things repeatedly when they didn't need to be done, like cleaning the house or taking Lyra out.
He brought Florian his lunch five minutes early. He didn't notice. Fabio noticed that his plate had been emptied from that m
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Waitress' 'song'
I guess I just got peopled out
And I didn’t want to smile for tips
And trot and fetch and run about
For cranky, chintzy little pips
My boss is but a murderer!
He killed the feeling in my feet!
And though I am a hard worker
My pay is always deceit.
So sick of working that I thought
‘bout dumping the plates and running
To somewhere cool and some place hot
And far places more than stunning
I want to go on a cruise
Tell my boss to shove it up his
And drown my sorrows in cheap booze
To cute men, bat my eyelashes
But my baby must eat something
And so I grin and bear it all
I can’t harm my little dumpling
Else he won’t grow up big and tall!
A mother’s work is never done
So I’ll work to keep him healthy
Who cares if these plates weigh a ton?
I just gotta feed my Wesley!
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In Death Lined of my Greater Goal
Why do people do the things they do?
Why am I sitting here, confined by walls?
Why do I wake up every morning, drag the dog out and take those crowded busses?
I hate people.
Why am I confined by walls all day?
Why am I near unnoticeable shadows of people?
Why do I make myself sick and anxious?
I hate people…
I learned in a class that each objective must be for your greater goal.
None of this will help me get there.
I could much better spend my time reading endlessly.
It's in line with the greater goal.

If somehow I achieve the greater goal, what will be left of me?
Why will I sit anywhere, confined by walls?
Why will I wake up every day?
I hate everything.
All I want is one person to read something I wrote without making them do it.
Without nagging them to.
Without asking them to.
But I hate people.
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Prism 07- Your Return, Darling
Each day, Marco Danne made all sorts of food.
He then wrapped it all up, placed it in a bag and walked to the large wall of the Confinement. From there, he tossed it over and made his way to Alzure afterwards, to see how the world was doing and, especially, how his daughter Maria was fairing. He didn't talk to her often and rarely made himself known. Of course he had presented himself around the time of her wedding and preformed his duties as her father at that time, but that was the extent of it. Still, she knew he was proud of her. He would have been proud of her, whatever she had decided to do in life. That was what a father did. He was proud of his children and supported them.
That counted for both of them, because sometimes, when he felt like it, Marco went all the way to Etelia to see how his youngest son, Kelstyn, was. He lived with the princess of Etelia and was the Sanyan ambassador. Marco did not enjoy staying in Etelia for too long, because it made him nostalgic and he misse
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Prism 06- Princess Boss and A Turtle
When the sun shines on the watery streets of Etelia, it is a beautiful place, cheerful and almost perfect.
When the sun sets behind the castle, it is a dangerous place that none wish to step out into. Ivory, Eufemia Acossi, did not care for such fears… She was a part of the danger with the job she led, the reason people hid and locked their doors at night.
But tonight, she was not busy working fear into the hearts of people and organized crime alike. Tonight, the soon-to-be-queen wandered the alleys of her home sadly.
She hated Veniko. Her mother had not been the person the world thought she was. Veniko had not been a victim. She had planned all of this, planned the harm caused to Eufemia and Fabio's father, planned to marry that bastard who sentenced him, and even worse, planned to lock her own son away in misery and pain!
Needless to say, Veniko had mysteriously died a hopefully painful death. Her death did not burden Eufemia. Veniko could rot in Septad, as she surely would. No, that
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