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All of a sudden, Fabio’s world became very, very lonely.

Due to the success of the Winter Center, Florian was given even more work. When disputes between the needs of the country and the wants of the people could not be settled, they were handed over to him. He now had a new job, and slowly forgot that he already had one to begin with, one that was significantly more important.

Fabio did not feel important. He just felt sad. And of course, he felt upset at the fact that Florian had promised he would spend more time with him. They’d even signed up for fencing classes that they NEVER actually went to! He’d so wanted to learn fencing. It looked like so much fun. And yet Florian wouldn’t give him the time of day, and Metallic Blue had other, more important things to do and other friends…
Fabio figured he should stop dwelling on the fencing. He had more important things to think about, too... Like if Florian was actually eating, or getting his exercise or sleeping well! The other very rarely answered his questions, and most of the time his answers simply consisted of “I’m busy, go away.” Fabio sometimes did. He went into town. He drove pretty far off into the countryside. He always came back, even though he knew that things would not go back to the way they had been. Florian would work and work forever. It would not stop until he retired. It felt like being in that room, alone again. It kept him up at night with tears in his eyes, it haunted his dreams… So he was exhausted on top of being grumpy and lonely and sad.

Fabio was pretty sure it couldn’t get much worse. He sat on the couch and read a book he’d read a thousand times, but his eyes were too blurry to understand it, so he set it down.
“Maybe I should take those fencing lessons. But by myself,” he said to no one in particular. Maybe he was talking to the sticky frog. At least it had the decency to stick around. From where he sat, he could just reach the telephone. He moved to grab it, but stopped. He could call Eufemia, but he risked waking her up. He’d rather not; she was pretty grumpy when she was woken up. Maybe he could call his mother? Yes, as a queen, she was always really busy, but he was pretty sure she loved him. He had talked to her few times since he’d left, and the last time was when the plans for the Winter Center had been made.
But she was a queen, and she was busy! So… He could call Masaru, but… He’d have to go bother Florian for her number and look on his cell phone to know what time it was and-

The phone rang. Fabio waited for a few seconds, and it stopped ringing. Huh. I wanted to use that, the prince thought, annoyed. He sat up and was about to go wait outside Florian’s door (so that he could hear when the other was done his conversation and use the phone, ) but the other’s voice stopped him in his tracks.
“Fabio, pick up the phone!” he was told. But something in that tone of voice hurt. Fabio turned slowly, unsure of whether he wanted to or not. But he was just being silly and over-sensitive, or something. Probably sleep deprived. He picked up the phone and cheerfully answered.

He gripped the phone tightly. Held it too painfully close to his ear, because he must be hearing wrong… Or maybe he didn’t understand his own language anymore.
It was not wrong. He was not wrong. The prince’s throat felt like it was closing. His eyes burned and his body hurt, even though nothing and no one was physically hurting him. The voice on the line called his name a few times, even using his full name, but he had no voice to respond with.
The only noise that he could make was a whining squeak, and he dropped the phone. Fabio’s knees gave out, so he ended up dropping too, and curling into himself.

His mother had been poisoned. The queen had been found not even an hour earlier, and was…
She was dead.  But why? Who would want to kill his mother? It didn’t feel like it was true. It couldn’t be, right? There was absolutely no reason to kill Veniko. She was nice! The man on the other line was a fake! He was lying! Fabio tried to convince himself of this, but to no avail. He recognized the voice, had heard it very often.  It was the advisor’s. At least they had gotten someone important to tell him of this. This realization released his tears and he cried. The Prince cried and cried, curled up on the floor next to a beeping phone and a very concerned dog, none of which he noticed. When he could shed no more tears, he picked himself up in frustration.

Alzurians did not converse casually, nor did they cry. To not lose the respect of the only person he still had, he had to stop doing at least one of those things. Florian would be repulsed, and it was not like he had anywhere else to go. Florian had lost his parents, both of them at the same time for a noble cause. He’d suffered more and, Fabio assumed, had been strong enough not to shed a tear as a child. Fabio was 18, he was hardly a child. He would not cry, he wasn’t pathetic like that.

So instead of being angry at his situation or angry at the killer, Fabio was angry at himself. He berated himself for sobbing pathetically. He was a Prince, not a cry baby. Tears were just a waste of time. They hadn’t brought his father back, they would not bring his mother back. What a waste of time…
And speaking of time, he needed to make supper for a man who wouldn’t notice or care that he did.
Prism Chapter 7
Poor white.
Someone should really give him a hug.
That someone is Florian.
Florian should really give white a hug.
Please note that if you do not give me any indication that you properly read through my request, you will be ignored.
It's that simple. I don't want to commission anyone who doesn't listen to their customer.

That being said, hi! Please bear with me, I am off my meds and my mind is a tiny bit fuzzy. Things may not make sense, but I will do my best.
I want either drawings or drabble/short stories.
Nothing special or super professional, just for fun!
I have a budget of 30$(Can) per piece. Please do not message me if you charge more than that.
I understand that writers charge per word.
I am a writer too (I charge per page, but that's just me.)
My budget will not budge. Please understand that I am a human being like you, not a cash machine. The amount of money I have is limited.
I can ONLY pay you /UP TO/ 30$. Anything more than that is impossible.
It is important that you understand this before beginning anything. 
I prefer it not to be that expensive, because I really don't want long things.
Just tiny and cute ficlets or drabbles.
When it comes to writing, I require samples.
Please be certain that your samples do not include fandoms such as Sherlock, Home stuck or Supernatural if you NEED to show me things from fandoms, and warn me about gore/ sexual content/ the likes.
This goes for art samples as well!

Art is the same. I only have 30$ per piece. Not 30$ per character. Per piece. If I can not get both characters together for 30$ or less, please do not contact me. I'm not interested.
I require samples. I mentioned that already but I will mention it again.

I am interested in more than one piece for both stories and art. I may , however, need to make a waiting list. I have a job now, but they have yet to tell me when I start on when/what my pay will be.
How rude.

I refuse to pay until I am shown proof that you are actually working on my commission.
This can be the first few sentences/ a paragraph of the written story (Or any sentence that contains the characters' names or makes it evident that the text written is about them)
For a drawing, it can be a WIP sketch that has traits that are obvious of the characters.
I sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. More often than I have actually gotten my commissions, people have run off with the money and never given anything back.

I have two different sets of characters from two different stories.
I'll want characters A and B together, OR Characters C and D together.
Sadly, both sets of characters are all males. I guess that's really important for you to know.
(See why I wanted this to be read?)
I'll give you more information about the character sets upon demand!
Know that A and B are humans, but C and D are... Significantly less human.
A and B's relationship dynamic is a sweet one where A is a prince and B is their guard, and they live in a nice house with a dog (And sometimes a child, depending on where they are in their time frame.) Also... A is kind of genderqueer? Sort of?
C and D have a boss/PA kind of relationship, where one is a powerful demon God and the other is this strange seer human. Amusingly, the God is this huge shy nerd who tries to act big and mysterious, and the human is halfway between childish and sensual (But never at the same time.)

Thank you for taking the time to read this! (Do note that I also make plushies and would adore an art trade.
To the ACTUAL dA team: While this offer IS serious, I reserve the right to decline all offers if I'm not happy with what is offered.
Thanks. :3 )

I'll be updating this gallery full of the other stories and chapters that are on tumblr but not here!
Which means that if you don't like the dA layout, you can read it on tumblr at ( or you can read it here if you don't like my tumblr's purple layout.

So... Sorry for the incoming spam. I'll try to take it a bit slower.


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